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~Blog Project Two~ Topic #4

🎥 Media Product Review 🎥

Hello to all my beautiful readers! I want you to know I spent a significate amount of time searching for the most perfect movie for my Blog Project. For this project, I hunted for something new that I hadn't seen before! After watching movie trailer after movie trailer, I decided on renting the movie, Unforgettable. The main reason I decided to rent this movie was that the movie trailer shows the deceptive use of social media.  I also happen to be a fan of one of the main characters--Katherin Heigl.


Unforgettable was directed by Denise Di-Novi. Di-Novi isn’t new to Hollywood; however, she is better known for being a producer. Di-Novi’s most recognizable works have been on Edward Scissorhands—1990, The Nightmare Before Christmas—1993, and Crazy, Stupid, Love—2011. Unforgettable was Di-Novi’s first directing work.(IMDb) Di-Novi was impressively able to shoot this movie in just 30 days!(VarietyThis production stars Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, and Geoff Stults. 

In brief, this is a psychological thriller about a crazy ex-wife that plots to alienate and discredit her ex-husband's new girlfriend--with hopes of rekindling their marriage. 

Unfortunately, Unforgettable seemed to be a bust in the box office. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie's domestic total gross was less than the production budget. Unforgettable ranked  #7 its opening weekend and then continued to decline there after. 


Being that Unforgettable was Denise Di-Novi's first movie that she has directed, I have nothing to compare it too. It can be noted that Di-Novi has the history of being involved in the production of dark and romantic comedies. This is Di-Novi's first attempt at the thriller genre. The story of the crazy ex is nothing new to the big screen. However, Di-Novi aimed to set her movie apart from the rest of the cliche plots within this genre.

“I think having compassion and understanding the female villain is what makes this movie different for me,” Di Novi continued. “It’s amazing how much women actually relate to the Katherine Heigl character.”(Variety)

Katherin Heigl is best recognized for her character "Izzie" on one of my favorite television series, Grey's Anatomy--from 2005 to 2010. In 2007 Heigl won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her work on Grey's Anatomy. Heigl movie career consisted of films that cast her as more of an upbeat, fun, and quirky character. Such as The Ugly Truth27 Dresses, and my personal favorite--Knocked Up. Heigl plays more of a psychotic twisted character in Unforgettable, and this is another reason I found this movie intriguing. I have been a fan of Heigl's work since I seen here on the Disney Chanel performing in Wish Upon A Star. 


In today's society, we are seeing more blended families--due to divorce, than ever before. According to the US Bureau of Census"50% of the 60 million children under the age of 13 are currently living with one biological parent and that parent's current partner." So, if you yourself are not directly affected by divorce, I am sure you know someone who is. Unforgettable takes you into the importance of effective co-parenting. Co-parenting can become difficult for some when a new partner is introduced--especially if the ex still has romantic feelings for the other. Unforgettable identifies the heartbreak of watching the one you love moving on with a new partner--then amplifies the reaction with violent behaviors. This film calls out parents that use their children as a bargaining tool to hurt their exes. This film is for not only aimed towards lover's of the thriller genre, but it is more focused to target women. It is geared to intrigue those who are both the ex-partner, and the new partner. 

Unforgettable briefly exposes the growing trend known as 'Catfished'.  The informal definition of 'catfish' according to Urban Dictionary is, "a catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances." It can be harmless chat to something as extreme as seen in this movie. In 2015, "54% of people believe someone they’ve met via online dating has used false information, and a survey found that women are 50% more likely to give false information online than men. 1 out of every 10 online dating profiles is FAKE."(Andersen)


I think that this film was a solid piece of work. It wasn't the greatest movie I had ever seen, but it is by far from the worst. I found that it was suspenseful, with shocking, and yet highly predictable reactions from the main characters. It is hard to not give away the details of the movie to when thinking of examples to share with you. However, I will say that the action scenes were weak, and they could have been amplified for better entertainment--thus adding a higher shock value. Also, if these few scenes had been more impactful, I think it would have made more of a 'date night' movie; thus possibly increasing the revenue of the film. I am not a professional movie critic by any means, but I will say that I agree with the following critics.

"Though this movie has its outrageous moments, 
Di Novi puts the female emotional journey up front
and treats things respectfully. 
But every erotic thriller needs some crazy,
and thank goodness for Heigl's
full commitment to her character's insanity."
Los Angeles Times--Katie Walsh

 "The film gets there eventually,
but one wishes it weren’t so timid about
embracing the inherent schlockiness of the genre."

Austin Chronicle--Kimberley Jones

"Among the less-noted cardinal rules of cinema is
that any movie that takes the title 
Unforgettable will prove to be anything but."
The Atlantic--Christopher Orr


Unforgettable had set up a Facebook page with over 140,000 likes. I remember that Facebook is the first time I had seen the preview for this movie long before it hit theaters. I actually shared it on my sister's page with hopes of getting to watch when she came to visit. We knew that it was a 'chick-flick' date-day movie. In comparison to other Heigl movies such as The Ugly Truth with 1,333,000 Facebook likes--Unforgettable was most definitely a bust. Even with WarnarBro. running the trailer on during their evening dramas.  I excitedly called my sister to tell her that I was going to use this movie for my project. Thinking she tease me about watching it without her--she casually responded with, "Oh yeah, Guy (husband) and I watched that the other day. It might work. I don't know it was okay."  I recognized her passive tone as a sign of unenthusiastic feelings about the movie we once were so eager to see. 


Now in retro spect, after not hearing much about the movie after its release was an indicator that it most likely wasn't that great. It wasn't bad enough for people on my social media to complain about, but there surely was never anyone raving about it. It wasn't until this project that I realize the value in using social media to inquire reviews on movies. I believe that using peer reviews hold a higher value than some of these professional critics. When I read their reaction of not only Unforgettable but other movies--I find my rebellious inner-self wanting to watch the movie! I say this because I do not agree with many of their reviews, and I also feel that is their JOB to be mean! So, the next time I am contemplating on breaking my bank to enjoy a movie at that theater--versus Redbox, I will use my social media accounts to do some investigation. 

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